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This workshop provides leadership development for large corporations, small business, non-profit organizations; religious organizations; universities; and community leaders from all sectors of society. It also serves as an empowerment tool for individuals; recovery programs; ministries; and school programs just to list a few. 


Answer the call to transform yourself and your world.


Through the discovery of the Wizard in Me you will unleash the power to reveal the Hero's Journey that awaits you.  On this profound adventure of self-discovery and awakened potential, these lessons will propel you into greater self-understanding and a connection to the larger world as you explore your Wizard like never before.

Cultivating your Wizard is a primer for training the heart, then the mind, to see the world in its diverse and simultaneous truths.  We will identify each unique talent and purpose that live within.  By doing so, we will begin to live deliberate lives that actively connect our increased understanding of our connection to, and within, the world that now requires this shift from us.

As we travel through our heroic journey, we will:

  • Examine the meanings of our unique talents and purpose.

  • Learn to find key elements that allow us to understand where we are in our own journeys.

  • Learn to enhance our ability to see the layered meanings behind moments in our everyday lives and use them as touchstones to extrapolate the potential around us.

  • Expand our hearts and minds, then find the courage to create a sustainable society that works for the environment and all beings.

  • Answer the call to our fullest lives and explore the ultimate questions of origin:  Who are we? Where are we going?  Where do we belong?  Who are we in relation to other beings?  How are we being called to become our best selves--creators of a new way of living at this critical time? 


At the end of this workshop, we will have uncovered the real Wizard in Me right here on Earth. 

This is where you will thrive, rather than merely survive.  This is YOU!!

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