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Theatre Morgan presents:
Lighting Designer:
Cheryl J.Williams
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2019 Nordic Tour -- Lighting Designer

March 1-2, 2019 -- Copenhagen, Denmark

March 6-9, 2019 -- Helsinki, Finland

August 28th - 31st -- Frederiksberg, Denmark

September 4th - 7th -- Stockholm, Sweden

September 11th - 12th -- Helsinki, Finland 

Professor Cheryl J. Williams

Johnnie Colemon Theological Seminary

Spiritual Learning Center

One God One Thought Center for Better Living

3605 Coronado Rd,

Windsor Mill, MD 21244

 (410) 496-5188

Classes begin January 21, 2020 - March 31, 2020

Bible V
Metaphysical Interpretation
of the New Testament
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The Educational Theatre Association is the professional association for theatre education.  EdTA supports teachers by providing professional development, networking opportunities, resources, recognition, and influences public opinion that theatre education is essential and builds life skills. 

Webinar Presenter

Stage Management  

September 26, 2019 @7:30pm

The Art of Listening

October 24, 2019 @ 7:30pm

Single Carrot Theatre
2600 N. Howard Street, Suite 1200
Baltimore, MD 21218
(443) 844-9253


   By Ariel Zetina

   Lighting Design by Cheryl J. Williams

   April 26 – May 19, 2019
   Thursdays – Saturdays at 8:00 pm - Sundays at 3:00pm

   Pay-What-You-Can Previews: April 24 & 25

   Once upon a time, there was a boy called Alan who dreamed in           Technicolor. In this modern take on the life of renowned                       codebreaker Alan Turing, electrifying music and a surreal text    

 take us to the heart of a genius who longed for connection in a      world he couldn’t understand. The psychedelic and strange            weave together to create a deeply human story of love, loss,            creation, and destruction. Find the man behind the machines in      this rich fantasy of poisoned apples, loving robots, and the              father of the modern computer. Regional Premiere.

Bible III

Metaphysical Interpretation of the Hebrew Scriptures

Genesis - Proverbs

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